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Joe Cummings

I worked with Joe Cummings and his wife, Colleen Ann (Mulligan) at Lockheed in Orlando FL. 

A real funny incident happened when one day I was sitting in my office and Joe came in and made me an offer to buy my house.  The funny part was that I had just about to make a decision to move to Los Angeles, but had told no one.  I asked him if he was clairvoyant but he said that he was just following a hunch.  I later had a problem with deciding what to do with my wife's baby grand piano.  Luckily, Joe saw the piano when he was inspecting my house and offered that he knew someone who wanted to buy the piano.  Needless to say, it was the easiest house transition I ever made as I was traveling around the country. 

Joe reports at Christmas 2003 that Colleen is looking at returning to work soon. Matthew is in preschool at Arbor. As to the house he brought from me, they have totally redone the kitchen with new cupboards, pantry, fridge, stove, dishwasher, washer & dryer. They also re-carpeted the whole house, painted inside, put new vanities in the bathrooms, and a new garage door. Next they are going to do the curtains and paint the outside of the house.

Joe says that even with all those updates, they have really enjoyed the house - it sure beats the new houses that are being built at Avalon Park where they had on the news it's in a flood plain, there is a 20,000 person prison close by and when the wind blows right you can smell the garbage dump (and they cost $300K).

Joe is an expert in command and control Army applications and is still working on those types of projects in Orlando.

Joe and Colleen still live in my old house with their sons Matthew and Joshua.  Josh was born May 17th 2002 and Matthew was born August 1st 2000.

Matthew Cummings - early photo

Matthew Cummings later

Matthew Xmas 2003

Boys driving a car

At Mac Island

At Mac Bridge

Boys with Santa Xmas 2003

Hanging out at the beach

From Joe Cummings - 10/11/2004

Tonight we went to a John Kerry rally in Orlando. It was very interesting.

We saw Bush supporters (shipped in from Georgia) fighting Kerry (Florida) supporters at the front gate. It was kind of comical to watch because you know when someone from the opposite side comes they come to disrupt an event. It looked very close to a riot at the gate and there was only one little sheriff car there and 25 striking Orlando Police officers, over wages.

The boys had a good time. We ate popcorn, drank pops and watch the politicians. Matthew & Josh met the big John Kerry mascot and Matthew gave him a Big thumbs up (see picture).

It was nice to see so many people with such a positive attitude not gloating on what someone else was doing wrong but cheering for new ideas with enthusiasm.

The event was pretty poorly planned. It would of been much better at the orange bowl, TD-Waterhouse or the convention center. I'm not sure why they had it in the park where they did, It was way too crowded and there were probably 100,000+ people out there. I believe Orlando will go for Kerry in this election.

Josh & John Edwards Matthew & President Kerry Matthew & President Kerry
Matthew and Josh - 2006













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