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Bob and Doris Darrow

Lou and I met Bob and Doris Darrow back in the 1970s when they lived in a house that overlooked the Pacific Ocean in Playa Del Rey  CA.  Bob was working with National Semiconductor at that time and later they moved to Palo Alto CA.  The Christmas 2003 Darrow Newsletter below gives you a picture about the exciting lives of Bob and Doris and their families.

We began the New Year with firecrackers in Tigard, Oregon where we had celebrated Christmas with JANICE and Dan, Aaron, Annie and Andrew. Dan always saves a few firecrackers from Fourth of July for the event.  Dan took us to the new Evergreen Air Museum in McMinnville, to see Howard Hughes'  Spruce Goose.*  Terrific experience.

Janice talked us into staying until her birthday January 6th, and we took her out to Astoria, to see where the Columbia River* empties into the ocean. Her energy is amazing.  If you havenít read her cancer story, you can go to 
http://webs.lanset.com/geist/reluctant.htm and print it out to share with others if you like.

On January 12th, DAVID and Teresa were married at sunset on the beach, with just their daughters present.  They met at work, about 4 years ago, and became engaged in October. They live in Carlsbad about a block from the beach.

Our 54th Anniversary will be remembered as the day the War with Iraq began, but I personally prefer remembering it as ďThe Day the Swallows Return to Capistrano.Ē We were celebrating in our favorite little town of Carmel-By-The-Sea, when the Baghdad bombings began.

I tried to surprise BOB on April 12th, his 75th birthday, with a small gathering of friends for dinner.  But itís hard to surprise Bob.  Our walking buddies, Marilou and Dennis Boilard, and long-time friends John and Gretchen Spangberg, and JOHN and his girlfriend Renee joined in the celebration.

In May, we flew to Arkansas to attend JOANNE and Scottís youngest, NATHANAEL and his bride Tina Hallís wedding.  A couple of days before the wedding, a tornado had passed between Searcy where they go to Harding University* and Conway, where the family all stayed. The newlyweds left on their honeymoon, and the rest of us, STEPHANIE and  James and their two kids, GABRIELLE and ETHAN, Scott and JOANNE, and ALDEN all stayed an extra day or two to play in the sun and pool, and JOANNE furnished us with lattes every morning.

Then, we folded up (literally) and rode in Scottís new little Mini Cooper with them all the way to Bossier City, near Shreveport, Louisiana, so that we could celebrate Motherís Day* together with STEPHANIE and James and their adorable kids. All four generations were together.

June is a big month in our family with four birthdays, two anniversaries, Fatherís day and graduations. We drove to Santa Rosa to see my brother BILL and Charlotte, then on to Tigard again, for ANDREWíS high school graduation.*  The next day was my 75th birthday, and my sister RACHEL and Wil, brought me a beautiful Azalea plant from Eugene. No one had to cook that day.  Everybody should try to have a 75th birthday. One afternoon, our grandson AARON took us to see his campus at Multnomah* School of the Bible, in downtown Portland.

We took time to drive on up to Spokane, Washington, to visit my sister MARY in her cozy nook at her daughter DIANE and Bobís house in Rockford, in the rolling hills of Palouse* country.  We asked DIANE why three feet of wire fence was added to the top of their back yard fence.  I thought maybe it was to keep deer out.  But itís there to keep their dogs from walking over the top of the fence during the snowy season! 

On our way home, we stopped at RACHEL and Wilís and were treated to a trip to Newport, Oregon for some great clam chowder there.

Got home in time to wish JOANNE and Scott a safe and successful journey to Hainan Island, off the south east corner of China, where they were to teach English to English teachers again.  They had a fantastic, though sometimes frustrating experience, even surviving a typhoon* there.

During the summer, we attended a ballet in Marin, north of San Francisco.  One of the stars of the show is the 16 year old daughter of a high school friend of our kids, KEN and Darcy Johnston.  What a lovely treat.

In September, we took a long but worthwhile drive down to Hemet, California (west of Palm Springs) to Ruth Bockelmanís mobile home.  She sold her Hale ĎAha Bed and Breakfast on Kauai, and now lives comfortably, near her family.  So, we wonít be going out to Kauai anymore.  But it was wonderful while it lasted, thanks to that wonderful lady.

We joined up with DAVID and Teresa and our granddaughter LAUREN that weekend, to go to a 70th birthday party in Costa Mesa, for other longtime friends, Dick and Shirlee Opp.  It was like a reunion for old friends from Central Bible Church there.  We visited our grandsons, DREW and GREYSON at their mother, Andreaís house and caught up on a years worth of activity. Both guys are taller than DAVID now.  And bigger.

JOANNE and Scott are safely back from China, and we took them to see my brother BILL and Charlotte, who celebrated their 62nd anniversary in September. My brother PAUL and Mae came by in their motor home for a fun but short overnight visit.  They celebrated their 61st anniversary in June. SO, take note, everybody. It CAN be done.

In November, we got to go to the 75th anniversary celebration of University Bible Church, in Westwood, California, where we were married in 1949. Another foretaste of Heaven, seeing wonderful friends weíve known for over 50 years. On our way home, we stopped to visit my brother ANDY and Jeannette in their new home in Paso Robles. 

We enjoyed being with JOHN and Renee for Thanksgiving dinner* at a Home Town Buffet where none of us had to cook or do the clean-up. We went to her house afterwards for games, and to watch our President surprising the troops in Baghdad. What a thrilling event. So, we have seen ALL four of our children, our  nine grandchildren, and two great grandchildren, and ALL five of my brothers and sisters IN ONE YEAR.  THATíS REMARKABLE.

Now, itís time for Christmas, and we hope and pray for an end to the war, and a return to health for all our dear loved ones.  God sent His only Son to show us ALL  the way to peace with Him and each other.

Scott Huddleston & Ralph Tate Joanne (Darrow) Huddleston

Janice, sitting in front of her living room Christmas tree on her birthday, wearing the sweater that her sister sent her. Had fun.  Put away Christmas. Got older. Took a nap.  Happy sigh.  Jan

Darrow daughters - 10/2004

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