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Emily & Joe Andrew

Emily Andrew is a friend that I knew at the National Test Facility in Colorado Springs where she was a Captain in the U.S. Air Force, She is now Lt Colonel at Hanscom Field in Boston Mass where she is a program manager over a large software program.  She previously worked in the Pentagon.


Emily is a competing bodybuilder and has won

  • 1993 National Physique Committee Mile High Women's Overall Bodybuilding Championship

  • 1994 NPC Rocky Mt. Women's Overall Bodybuilding Championship

  • 1994 American Drug Free Power Lifting Association Colorado State Powerlifting Contest Masters Championship

  • 1997 National Gymnasium Association (NGA) Natural East Coast Classic Women's Heavy Weight championship. 


The latter contest win earned her a NGA Pro Card which will let her compete in a NGA pro contest in November 1998 in Manhattan, NY.


Emily is married to author - teacher Joe Andrew and they spend a lot of time skiing in Colorado  She also reports that the housing market in Colorado Springs is going crazy, with houses being built all over the place - which will probably discourage the Andrew family from retiring (eventually) there.

Emily shown (right) beating up on Jim Cuddie, a national masters weightlifting champion.  This photo was taken at the Colorado Springs tough man contest and everyone was in a fighting spirit.
























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