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Jerry and Cindy Hill

I met Jerry Hill in 1972 in Toronto where he was working for Control Data Corp., Canada.  The small world of aerospace brought us together at Vandenberg Air Force Base where Jerry was working for SDC Corp. and I was working for Control Data.  Jerry was instrumental in getting a lot of people into running at Vandenberg and I ended up running several marathons with him. We later connected while working together at Computer Sciences Corp (see CSC tab above) at Lompoc CA.  Again showing how small the world of aerospace is, we ended up working together on a joint proposal effort in New Jersey where Jerry was with CSC and I was working for Lockheed.  Finally, we did more work together while we both telecommuted for The Illinois Institute of Technology Research Institute.

Jerry played all sports in high school, including football, basketball, baseball, and track, in addition to being in both choir, and band, and whatever else was offered that didn't have anything to do with academics.  At Hope College, where he was forced, against his nature, to study occasionally, he participated in track and basketball, with high hurdles and javelin being his only meaningful contribution to the school's athletic program.  In order to keep his weight under control, while eating anything he wanted, Jerry remained an aspiring athlete throughout the next 40+ years, and is currently training for some triathlons and a marathon in 2004.  Currently residing in Atascadero, CA with his wife Cindy,  they participate in a yearly presentation of the Nutcracker Ballet (see photos below).

From Jerry's Philosophy:  Whenever you feel intimidated by someone - be that person the mayor of your city, the Pope, or President of the United States - in your mind's eye, just back off about a billion light years from where we are and see what a difference it makes in your perspective in the relative importance between you and the "important" person.  This works both ways.  When you are feeling very important or in some way superior to someone else, try the same technique.  It works wonders in leveling the playing field such that you can appreciate every person of any station, high or low, for who they are, and all of God's creations.

Click on the thumbnail photos below to see expanded photo.


Jerry and Cindy

Cindy, on right

Cindy and Jerry, Front

Nutcracker stage

Cindy and Jerry middle, back

Jerry winning sexy legs contest on cruise - March 2007
























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