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Jerry Wright

Jerry Wright - Jerry is a friend that I met at Lompoc CA back in 1978 in a leisure run from Building 488 in Vandenberg AFB to the town called Surf right by the Pacific Ocean.  

 Jerry then went to work at Martin Marietta on the Space Shuttle program. 

He migrated to Lockheed when they won the shuttle processing contract.

He was later Manager for Commercial and Advanced Technologies in Sunnyvale and was the Program Manager for Online Lightning Monitoring System (OLMS).  OLMS provides users with information that tells them how much lightning energy was induced into a spacecraft.  With this information, the user can determine if the spacecraft was damaged. 

Jerry finished a 3 year program to receive ordination as a Deacon of Christian Education through the Church of the Nazarene.  He retired in the year 2000 and went  into full time ministry as an educator at the Nazarene District Campgrounds in New Mexico, where he bought land and built a  house.  The house is in the Eastern New Mexico at the altitude of 7400 feet. 

Jerry has 2 boys, Michael, 29 and Corbett, 27, and a daughter, Torriel, age 12. His wife, Debbie is a home school teacher, a church board member, is the program director of the Nazarene World Mission Society, Director of Women of the Word (and is thereby  smarter of the two {Jerry and her}. 

Jerry is a long time runner, having competed 15 marathons (fastest was 2:54:10) and dozens of other races, including a 56 mile run from Lompoc to Santa Barbara in under 10 hours.  He participated in Bushin-Kai Karate in Lompoc.

Click on the photos below for enlarge view.

Jerry, Debbie, Torriel

House front view

What a porch

House side view

Jerry's neighbors

Jerry aka Santa 2003




















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