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Milt and Lanette Farrand

 I worked with Milt Farrand on the TIPS development program at Vandenberg Air Force Base in the late 70s when he was working with SDC.  Milt left SDC in 1981 for Rockwell Autonetics Strategic Systems Division where he worked on the Peacekeeper flight analysis and became one of the few “range users” of the TIPS System. During this time, he  developed post flight analysis software to augment the TIPS system.  Boeing bought the portion of Rockwell that Milt worked with in the Fall of 1996. Milt now works as the Field Representative for Minuteman and Peacekeeper FOT&E flight tests.

In 1986 the Farrands bought a couple of horses. Morabs (½ Morgan and ½ Arab). The idea was to get the family involved in this activity. Well, the girls found boys and are now off to college, leaving Lanette and Milt alone "in the horse business". They took a trip with the horses to Yosemite and the High Sierra country above it about 4 years ago and had quite an adventure.  Milt took up surfing a few years ago and that's where his main passion is.  There’s a surf club on base and contractors get to use Wall beach and the Boat House. Milt reports that the group of surfers on base are very supportive of newcomers, which is important, since milt is in his 50’s before starting.  Milt says that it was unbelievably difficult from a physical standpoint, but new muscles are developed soon to accommodate this problem.  This new avocation of surfing caused Milt a conflict, however.   His company wanted to move him to Great Falls, Montana to be the Wing Rep. He was really interested because it would have allowed him to get into hunting and had would have been more appropriate for the horses. However, by the time the offer finally came around, he was full into surfing and, since there aren’t many waves in Montana, he had to forgo the hunting opportunity. 

The oldest daughter, Nicole, is living with Milt's sister about an hour north of Atlanta, and is attending a community college and taking care of his mother who had a stroke and needs full time care. Nicole will probably return to California this summer. Taking care of grandparents is a real learning and maturing opportunity for young people.   

Briana, the youngest daughter, is attending UC San Diego with a major in cognitive science. Her boyfriend is in the Naval Academy. She’s doing very well and has a part time job as teller at B of A.

Milt's son, Jeremy, is married and is living in Rio Oso, CA, about an hour north of Sacramento.

Lanette is in-between careers with the girls out of the home. She has a full time career helping other people. Currently the Farrands are taking care of Lanette's 2½ year old nephew - which keeps her quite busy.


Milt Farrand and his beautiful wife and daughters (Lanette, Briana and Nicole).



















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