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Scott Tefft

The Teffts - Scott and Tammy, with children  Cassidy, Kylie, and Thomas 6 months.  They live in Madera County, 10 minutes outside of Fresno.


Scott have been an administrator in Clovis Unified for the past three years as a Senior GIS at a Junior High School.  He finished his Masters Degree in June.  He was previously a counselor at Hume Lake Camp..  His current mission field is the public school where he is doing everything he can to flavor the  world with Jesus Christ. Scott sees God doing amazing and eternal things here. 


Scott's dad, shown below, is the official Santa of Nipomo California.  The city has a parade each year and for the last five he has been the Santa.  Scott's kids got to ride in a sleigh with him and throw candy to people during the parade. 

Tefft family - Scott and Tammy with children Kylie, 2 1/2, Thomas, 6 mo., and Cassidy 4 1/2 (as of 2/1/01)

Tammy with Cassidy, Thomas and Kylie.
Cassidy Grandad Tefft
Kylie Thomas























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